8 Reasons You’re a Victim of Identity Theft and What to Do about it

Although identity theft is the largest growing crime in the world, with 850 million to a billion stolen identities in 2014 alone, many of us still feel like we’re immune and our identities could never be stolen. However, just the opposite is true, our identities have already been stolen, the thieves are overloaded with information and simply haven’t gotten to you yet. Here are 8 reasons why your identity has already been stolen and who is most vulnerable to having it used.

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  1. Jobs, Hospitals/Check ups, etc. – Every time you’ve gotten a new job or gone to the hospital, you’ve given out all of your valuable information. Everything needed to impersonate you is right there on those papers you filled out and in their system waiting to be stolen or hacked.
  2. Credit and Bank Accounts – Every time you’ve opened a credit account or bank account, again, you had to provide a lot of valuable, personal, information. Whenever we call into a credit card company, using our social to look up our account is an option, and for many, it’s an convenient option that they use. So not only is your informatioon in their system, that sweet rep you just gave your social and mothers maiden name to may have just written all of that down.
  3. Passports and Travel – When we get a passport and especially when we travel, we put our identities at risk. The process of going from one place to another, especially via airport, is chaotic. At any point, we could be pick pocketed, or maybe that sweet rep is writing your information down. I was once robbed while in Puerto Rico and lost my passport. Any time you travel, you are at a greater risk of having your identity stolen than when you’re not.
  4. Social Media – Yes, you read that right, social media is not the just haven you retreat to, to escape from your normal life that you imagine it is, there are people there too trying to steal your identity. Many of us put out our birthdates, names, favorite color, and other types of useful information for anyone to see. They may also find your mother’s parents to find out her maiden name via friends lists.
  5. Being Born – Now adays, just being born or being a kid puts us at high risk of ID theft. We go the first 16 or so years of our lives without applying for credit, getting a job, or anything that would make us think that we should be worried about our identities, and parents think the same way. However, kids’ identities can be stolen from the hospital where they were born, the dentist’s, from school, and many other places. Kids are actually at a very high risk of ID theft because no one looks for the warning signs until they do start applying for credit or getting jobs.
  6. Earning a Lot – Obviously if a person gets the information of someone who makes 40k/year and someone who makes 200k, they’re going to spend their time trying to get and use the ladder’s identity. Not every identity theif is going for volume, some are going for the jackpot, so earning a lot puts you at a higher risk.
  7. Paying with Plastic – When we pay with a card, debit especially, it’s possible that someone will get their hands on the information. They may even use a magnetic strip copier so they can steal your cards information and put it on one of their own with their name on it. Using debit puts you at even more of a risk because they don’t have the same level of anti-fraud protection that credit cards do.
  8. Using a Smart Phone – People who use a smart phone, so pretty much everyone, are 3x more likely to have their identity stolen than those who don’t use one. One report states that smart phone users don’t view their smart phones the way they do their computers. Only about a 3rd of smartphone users put a password on them while it’s standard for computers and very few add anti-virus to their phones. Even though they aren’t protecting their phones like their computers, their using them for mobile banking and storing personal information and passwords on them.

We are all waiting to be arrested for a crime we didn’t commit. To be told we can’t have our tax refund because we’ve already claimed it. That we can’t vote because we’re already registered in another state. Can’t get a loan or a new travel credit card with a big spending bonus because we have too much debt.

None of the travel insurances or any of our regular insurances provide any security if our stolen identity is used while traveling. If our credit cards are stolen and used, that’s a simple call to the credit issuer. However, if our identities are used in any large way like mentioned above, we’re left to pay around $50,000 or more and spend about 6 months of our lives, taking time off of work, trying to restore our identities.

Here’s what you can do about it:

LegalShield’s IDShield is the protection we all need. Not only do they fully monitor our identities, in any way you can think of and more, they do it better than other popular monitoring services, and they do it at half the price. They also have licensed investigators on staff to restore our identities. That means when our stolen identities are used, if we’re relaxing on the beach in the Maldives or climbing Mt. Everest, or whatever you do, we don’t have to stop. We can continue on with our lives and let IDShield handle it.

When compared to the popular LifeLock, IDShield, Lifelock falls far below expectations. IDShield’s Family Plan is only $19.95 compared to LifeLock’s $51.96 plan. Single Plans are $9.95 and $19.95 respectively. In the pursuit of budget travel, we need to protect ourselves, and IDShield does it at a budget price with premium quality.

IDShield LifeLock Comparison

We all need someone in our corner that is going to protect us when our identity is used. Too many of us have spent months stressing, taking time off work and spending and losing way too much money trying to restore our identities ourselves. With IDShield we can travel in peace knowing that we are 100% protected.

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