Barclays US Airways Credit Card to AAviator Promotion!

Hey guys, I just received a email that select current cardholders of Barclays US Airways credit card holders have received or will receive. The E-mail informs us that card holders will be receiving the new American Airlines AAviator Red card to replace the US Airways card due to the merger between the two airlines, and with this, they are offering a promotion; 50% more miles on qualifying purchases, so now instead of the usual one mile earned on everything outside of flights, you’ll get 1.5 and 3 miles on flights up to 10,000 additional miles! This offer is good begininning April 1st and ends June 30th 2015.


This is very exciting because the qualifying purchases includes groceries. Don’t know why that is exciting? Subscribe to my blog for my future posts; Introduction to Travel Hacking and How to Manufacture Money Spent. The technique I will outline is my favorite way of earning miles and points outside of credit card sign up bonuses and how, whenever I buy a flight or take a cruise, I consider my price to be half of the listed price! Using these techniques along with this promotion, it will be possible to get over 30,000 AAdvantage miles for a mere $238. The 30,000 miles are easily worth atleast $540 in airfare, althought I used 20,000 of these miles to get a $2,000 flight from Eberdeen Scotland back to Florida for only $380 in taxes and fees; at this value, the miles are worth $2430; that’s a $2192 profit! So watch out for the e-mail and make sure to register for it by June 30th to receive the promotion. All accounts must be open, active, and in good standing during the promotional period (mine is sitting in a drawer at home, which apparently is active enough!)

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-The Travel Economist