Backpacking Europe

Just a change of clothes and we’ll be ready to go!

My sister, Jen, and I are about to start a bit over a month long backpacking trip through Europe. We’re flying Southwest to New York to catch Norwegian Air to Norway and then Ryan Air to Alicante, Spain. We plan to spend 5 weeks going through Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and hopefully a trip to
Iceland somewhere in there.

As we’ve been preparing and continue to do so, I’m reminded of how stressful it can be. But also how much fun. My sister has never been backpacking before and so it is great showing her how to pack only what is necessary. She’s also started going for a few mile walks everyday with her fully packed backpack to start strengthening her body for it. I maintain my philosophy: binge watch TV and eat whatever, hit the road and feel like I want to die, and get used to it again. Anyone else do that?

We are leaving at the beginning of February and so we have to prepare for the winter (very different from the Floridian climate we’re used to!) This means extra layers, boots, and weight overall. Since we plan to camp when we can’t find a CouchSurfing host (comment below if you’d like to meet up or host us at some point!), we have the additional weight of camping gear.

Luckily, we almost have everything we need for the trip and our packs come out to a decent 18LB’s each. We shouldn’t reach above 20 with the last bit of items we need and then it’s only the added weight of food and water. When you realize how little you actually need, life can become so easy, free of worry and stress. And weight.

Of course, this trip is going to be a lot different from my others, I’ve traveled with groups for a day or two here and there, but I could always do whatever I wanted and leave at any point. I’ve also traveled in the winter, but now I’ll have a full time companion who I will have to be considerate of. Where does she want to go, what is she comfortable doing or not doing, will we have to make an unexpected stop at a store to buy some “ladies products”?

This will be different.

Normally, I hitchhike everywhere, Spain to Rome? No problem! But now, for obvious reasons, my sister is a bit anxious about the idea of hitch hiking so much, and we may end up taking buses, which will obviously hurt the budget goal. If we do, we’ll be trying to get night buses to use as our accommodation as well as transportation.

While I’ve never hitchhiked with anyone before, I hope I’ll be able to get her to do it… Maybe I’ll hide behind a tree or something while she flashes her leg and waves to try to catch a ride. Maybe she’ll meet her future husband that way (Hint hint guys, this lovely lady is available and on the prowl, but check out what is taught at first to see if you qualify.)


I also have to take into consideration her body heat. Women generally get a lot colder than men, and just because I feel like we’d be fine going for a hike in the Swiss Alps in the midst of winter, she might feel like we, or at least, she, will probably die. Or if I want to wild camp in a city, but am having trouble finding a concealed spot where I can sleep without being bothered, she probably won’t be willing to sleep under a bridge to avoid having to pay for a room or bunk.

Although this is going it be different from my normal travels and as much as I love traveling solo, I am very excited for this new experience. I may have to give up some of the key things that allow me to travel on such a shoestring budget as $15 or less per day, but it will help me in life and prepare me to travel with my wife once we’re married in December, WOOT WOOT!

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  1. Ha! Match clothes??!! I’m freaking wearing butt sagging, high rise dark grey pants as my “outer layer!” Everyone is going to see them! Freaking long johns underneath! And over sized black fleece shirts! Fashion has gone OUT THE WINDOW on this trip!!!

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