Hey fellow explorers, I would like to introduce myself, I am The Travel Economist. I am an adrenaline junky, world traveler, sky diver, volcano-boarder, scuba diver, spear fisher, kayak-er, kite surfer, and snowboarder. I travel the world in a much different way than most people, budget backpackers included. I travel on an extreme budget, with the ability to average less than $10 a day while still enjoying national parks, excursions, and unique foods!

I am called The Travel Economist because I study the micro economies of the world and am an expert in economy-style traveling. The idea that you must have a lot of money to travel is a myth that I want to rid the world of. No one should have to miss out on anything the incredible and awe-inspiring world has to offer because they feel they can not afford to go and experience it. I am here to tell you that lack of money is an excuse and anyone can fulfill their dreams of traveling, whether it be their state, their country, or the world. If a person puts their minds to it, is willing to get out of their comfort zones, and put their trust into the world, then anyone can experience it! I believe the best things in life come from stepping out of the box and being willing to do what others will not, and when it comes to the end of our days, it is not going to be the money and things we accumulated that matter, but how we lived our lives, what we did, who we loved, and the memories we created.

I am a teacher, I love learning and sharing my knowledge with anyone interested. Allow me to be your teacher, your guide, and your friend. To show you the way around the world, what equipment to bring, what to eat and drink, how to meet locals and make new friends. How to handle unexpected situations and the frustrations and struggles that it all will bring, but also the incredible adventures and experiences you will never forget and will be able to tell to your kids and grand kids!

Please, comment and introduce yourself, share your travel stories, or ask questions, I would love to meet my new friends and fellow travelers!

-The Travel Economist


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