Interview With Paris Attack Survivors

It has been a few weeks since the terrorist attacks on 11/13 in Paris and Beirut on 11/12. Amidst crisis and grief, I know many people have been wondering, is it safe to be traveling right now while IS is still out there? I know this, because the thought entered my own mind as well.

IS, Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is not a new threat. We, citizens of the world, have been hearing about their acts of terror for a while now. However, for the most part, they have been contained in the Middle East.

Now, they are maturing, becoming more intelligent, and becoming more wide spread. They have supporters in countries all over the world. The world is worried about terrorists coming in as refugees, but they use people who are already in or who have access to target countries, to commit their heinous crimes. They have learned how to attack multiple sites at once with skill and efficiency and are able to do a lot of damage with only a few people.


During the attack at the concert hall in Paris, terrorist’s were heard saying things like “Parisian blood tastes good, but American blood will taste better.” They have issued threats on America before and obviously we’re not their only target. Russia recently confirmed that it was a bomb that caused the plane crash, which killed over 220 people, and IS claimed it was their doing.

Now, with all of this information, should we feel safe to travel? To trust strangers? To fly, stay in hostels or couch surf?

My parent’s, Joel and Kathy Davisson ( arrived in Paris on Friday the 13th, the morning of the attacks. It was their first time in Europe and they were welcomed by terrorism. They have answered some questions about their trip and how they feel about Paris and traveling, despite the terror threats.


TTE: How did you feel leading up to the trip?
Kathy: Excited about our trip. Obviously with all the craziness in the world, I was a little concerned with Flying for so many hours. But, I was really looking forward to going to Paris.

I didn’t have any feelings like anything bad was going to happen and when a negative thought crossed my mind, I simply prayed about it. We considered it a miracle when we got our passports so quickly. We hadn’t realized they expired until the day before, so getting our passports in less than 24 hours was pretty miraculous.

When we realized we may not get to go to Paris because our passport had expired we both were taken by surprise and disappointed. I told you that if we didn’t get our passports and we’re unable to go to France then I would have to really think that God was preventing us from something. I was okay with that thought and realized we would end up going another time.
I prayed and asked the Lord that if you did not want us to go for some reason that you would not let the passports go through but if we were to go it was all going to work out and it did. So off to Paris we went.

TTE: Where were you when the attacks began and how did you hear about them?
Kathy: We were at a French Pizza restaurant. While we were eating, Joel happened to look at his phone and noticed a pop up that said France bombing or something along those lines and he mentioned it to me. My first reply to him was a disconnect in my mind in which I said “I don’t want to talk about it.”
He continued to check out this pop up and then the manager came over and,asked if we speak English. We said yes. He said “I’m sure you have heard about what is happenings. I need to check you out so my servers can go home so they are safe.
While checking us out, he got caught up in his mind and said “Paris is turning bad, really bad.” I’m thinking, “this is NOT what I need to hear right now.” Ugh. Lol I asked him, how far away was this? He said “far, far away.” Well, his Far far away and my far far away are NOT the same far far away. Lol.
I said ” in another city, right? (Forgetting (disconnect) I was in Paris. He said, “No, it’s happening in Paris, where were at” Ugh. With that said, we figured we probably needed to get on our way to our apartment. When we went to get up, The manager said “Oh, you don’t have to leave. Just relax if you would like.”

Clearly, he was trying to be a really nice manager. Not wanting us to be afraid etc. But, we grabbed our coats and went back to our apartment

Joel: We arrived in Paris on Friday morning. After making our way to our Airbnb apartment, with the beautiful Eiffel Tower view and getting settled in, we walked a few blocks to a nice French Pizza restaurant. White table cloths, very classy.

As we finished our pizza, I glanced at my phone and saw a news headline.. something about hostages, guns and explosions at the concert hall, soccer field and restaurants. For a moment, it was quite surreal.. wondering if this was actually a “now” news flash.. In about 90 seconds, the manager or owner came to our table with a credit card machine.

“Have you heard what was going on? It is not on our side of town, but ‘they’ are still out and about. I would like to send my young men home early (the employees), so may I check you out now?” Then, being the ever polite host, he says, “You can stay as long as you would like. I would just like to get them home to safety!”

TTE: How did you feel after the attacks once you had heard the extent of them?

Joel: I was quite troubled and grieved. It was not until Saturday that I really started to understand how bad it was. On Friday night and half of Saturday, we did not even realize that it was “top headline” world news. We had not made any special efforts to communicate to anyone that we were okay. It just did not register that our offspring would be worried about us.

Midnight in Paris, on Friday night  was only 6 pm in Florida and Georgia and 3 pm in California, where our two sons and daughter were.  We were sound asleep by midnight or 1 am and our kids were trying to find out if we were ok. We really felt bad that they had been so worried. We were asleep, safe and sound.. and they were flipping out with concern.
Kathy: We went back to the apartment, went to the terrace on the roof to look at the Eiffel Tower and then went to bed. In the morning is when we learned more of what happened. Joel read about it and let me know.

Obviously, we felt horrible about the attacks. We prayed for the families of those whose lost their lives and those who were wounded. I began to wonder how things were going to play out. I wasn’t afraid s much as I began to miss our kids and family members.

I did ask Joel if he thought that we made a mistake and shouldn’t have come? He said “no, I believe we are where God wants us to be.” Truthfully, that was all I needed to hear. The questioned was answered and settled in mind and I knew everything was going to be alright.

We had sent out an email to our kids but for what ever reason, Josiah didn’t get it nor a Jen due to her phone not working. So when I saw the post on fb from your Aunt Pam, Lorinda and others asking for prayer and then to see your (TTE’s) post joelandkathy Davisson : RESPOND….was absolutely horrible. Realizing ya’ll didn’t know if we were okay or not. Ugh! I told Joel, I was ready to pack my bags,and go home. But, I didn’t feel afraid.

TTE: Would you have still gone had you known the attacks were going to happen?
Joel: No. I don’t think that anyone would willingly put themselves in harms way.


TTE: How did you feel about the rest of the vacation?

Joel: We enjoyed the vacation. The attacks happened five miles from where we were staying, so most of the stores and shops were open. Certainly we carried a sadness for the families who lost loved ones – but we were in Paris for some R and R. We could not carry the weight of their loss. For our sake, we had to stay in the mode of enjoying Paris!

Kathy: We decided that there was nothing that we could do to change what happened. Life happened, so we set out to enjoy ourselves. We’re in Paris. Not everyone gets to go to Paris. Enjoy it. So we did. I don’t think Joel and I felt afraid from Sunday on. There were police all,around. Armed and ready. Some had riffles in the arms with their fingers on the trigger. I think that kinda made me feel safe.

TTE: What was your favorite memory of you visit?

Kathy: The Eiffel tower and the Hop on and Hop off Bus. The Bus tour was really nice and I enjoyed the information I learned while on the bus. The bus driver was crazy. Lol. We sat on the top of the bus where the seats were right in front.

There were so many cars so many motorbikes so many motorcycle so many bikers all trying to cram themselves into one street and here comes this big bus making his way through all of that. It was like a roller coaster. We were busy laughing about how well this guy managed to weasel his way into the traffic.

We kept looking over the edge to make sure no one got hurt or he didnt hit a car or whatever.. when Joel and I went to Africa Joel drove in Africa and that was wild but Joel said that he would not drive in Paris….. Ever ….that’s how crazy it was. Lol.
The Eiffel Tower was amazing especially when they turned it red white and blue. The Eiffel Tower was closed needless to say from Saturday Sunday and I think it was open on Monday but then I think it closed again on Tuesday if my memory serves me right.

Joel: The red, white and blue Eiffel Tower, the crazy ride on the second level of the tour bus, the boat tour, the walks up and down all of the really cool streets, the beautiful buildings and… the crepes! We don’t have crepes like that in the USA.. at least not that we have seen.

Sitting on the corner of one of the seven streets that intersected into a busy circle. We were at a little table in front of an ice cream shop and next to a fruit stand (classy one, not country looking) and watching all of the vehicles. That was entertainment, to say the least!

So many cars, scooters, motorcycles, “smart” cars, bicyclists and joggers/runners. All entering the circle at fast speeds, narrowly missing the other vehicles… Total mayhem.. No rules except to turn right or right/straight into the circle, but no wrecks happened! Ah..

Then another favorite memory! – when we were on the tour bus, we came upon the large boulevard that Parisans say is the most beautiful in the world (name?) – there were white tents setup for about a mile with so many CHRISTMAS vendors.. it was great! We want to go back again, at this same time, to have a lot more time to visit all of these tents.

They lined both sides of the road.. we only had time that day to see some on one side. Sadly, that was our last day in Paris. The next morning, we were picked up at 9:30 am by our Uber driver. The taxi ride was $40 from the airport and $60 to get back to the airport. but it was definitely worth the price for the ease of transportation!

Most beautiful boulevard in the world according to Parisians

TTE: what was your favorite food?
Kathy: I loved their crepes. They were made with Nutella, strawberries and coconut. Rolled up like a waffle cone and topped with whipped cream.

Joel: The crepes.

TTE: Where did you stay in Paris?

Joel: We had a really cool little apartment that we found on Airbnb. It was the smallest place that we ever stayed in – but we had a direct view of the Eiffel Tower! We would walk out of our door and there were shops and restaurants beginning just steps away. And the streets were awesome. Five to Seven streets converge into a circle. The driving is crazy!
Kathy: We stayed at an Airbnb apartment. I think we paid $350 for the week. It was small like a box car, so it’s a good thing I like my husband so much because it worked lol. Our son josiah (TTE) helped us to hook up this apartment with Airbnb. The window looked directly out at the Eiffel Tower, so when we woke up in the morning and before we went to bed we were able to look out the window and see the Eiffel Tower. Magnificent.

TTE: How did you get to Paris?

Kathy: Our son Josiah (TTE) saw these tickets to Paris while we were in Las Vegas that were so inexpensive it was amazing. Remembering that I, Kathy wanted to go to Paris Josiah brought this to our attention and before we knew it all the plans were made and we were scheduled to go to Paris.
It was amazing how quickly everything came to pass.

Making Crepes

TTE: How did you get around while we were there?

Kathy: We walked. We walked everywhere. We chose not to rent a car and then after riding the hop on and hop off bus and seeing how crazy all the drivers motorcycles motorbikes & bicycles, etc. were, we are so grateful we chose not to rent a car and walk instead.

Joel – We used “uber” from the airport to the apartment. We did not want to navigate buses and subways. Then we walked everywhere. The only time that we did not walk was our 90 minute boat tour and 7 hour bus time. (hop on and off). 

Thank you Joel and Kathy for the interview. I’m glad you ended up enjoying the trip and for so cheap using the advice found on here.

Even though it was Joel and Kathy’s first visit to Europe and it started out in such a terrible way, they still enjoyed the trip. As Joel stated, they wouldn’t have taken the risk had they known what was going to happen, instead just gone another time. Once it had happened, he believed they were where they were supposed to be and chose to stay to enjoy Paris.

They did not let the attack ruin their trip and they will not let this keep them from traveling in the future. Even though the world may be suffering from terrorism, we can not live in fear. We can not let them stop us from living our dreams. If we do, we let them live. Instead, we must simply pray to God that he keeps us out of harms way and continue to enjoy our lives and travel on.

Learn more about Joel and Kathy Davisson at or

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